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Using the unique qualities of sound and music, the Dorset Music Therapy Service offers a bespoke programme of 1:2:1 and group activities, to maintain the health and well-being of service users, their family and support team 

About the Dorset Music Therapy Service

The Dorset Music Therapy Service is a private practice founded in 2012 by Paul Martin BA (hons) Mus., MA BAMT. 


Paul’s journey into music therapy practice began about 35 years ago whilst he was working as a pianist on a cruise ship. On one memorable occasion he received a request to play a special piece of music for somebody – and as he played they became visibly emotional and wept. Exactly what was happening he’ll never know - 

perhaps the individual felt a need to externalise (and share) uncomfortable emotions they had been suppressing.


Later in life, Paul decided to study music part-time at the University of Bristol, and after graduation enrolled upon a three-year training course in Music Therapy at the University of The West of England. 

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Person playing a flute

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