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Dorset Wellbeing Choir

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

There are currently no singing activities available in Dorset which are suitable for individuals who have communication difficulties caused by acquired brain damage through stoke or disease such as Alzheimer’s

The Project

  • Aims to create a choir specifically designed to benefit stroke survivors struggling with aphasia and those living with dementia

  • Aims to create an environment which encourages confidence for those with communication difficulties, together with their carers, family and friends, in a fun, social atmosphere

The Benefits

  • Wellbeing and positive benefits of singing and being part of a team

  • Increased confidence with communication difficulties

  • Opportunity to socialize with others living with aphasia and dementia

The History

  • In December 2019 the Dorset Music Therapy Service was contacted by the NHS Foundation Trust Acquired Brain Injury Service, to discuss forming a choir for stoke survivors struggling with aphasia.

  • In February 2021, the DMTS was successful in securing NHS charitable funds and the Aphasia Choir was formed

The Evidence

  • In July 2022, Dorset Health Care ‘Dragon’s Den’ team filmed a session of the Aphasia Choir, held at a community centre in Bournemouth

  • In March 2023, ITV Meridian featured the Aphasia Choir on their local news programme

The Future

  • The DMTS have been invited to contribute to a NHS Wellbeing Day, designed to promote awareness of brain health for people with brain injuries and offer an opportunity to try out Wellbeing activities

  • The NHS have pledged to support a new choir for people who struggle with aphasia and dementia

  • The DMTS are pleased to announce the Pine Martin Grange Care Home have offered the prestigious, Sanford Heritage Hall, situated in their grounds, as a venue for a new choir.

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